Customer Support

No matter your issue, we are here to help. Our customer care team is available to both Tripsome customers and activity providers in case of any problems or questions. Our support hours are Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:00 AZT (UTC/GMT +4 hours). During customer support’s off-hours, please email us at the stated address and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Before you go into the trouble of calling or emailing us, our frequently asked questions below could help you find a quick solution.

Each activity provider featured on Tripsome is an independently owned business that lists its activities on our website. The activity provider primarily manages all customer transactions and activity information. Therefore, the best way is to first contact the provider in case of a question or trouble. If your issue with the service provider was not resolved, we will do our best to help you reach the resolution. In order to directly contact customer support, you may:

FAQs for parents

1. What is Tripsome all about?

Tripsome is a Baku-based startup that connects parents with providers of different activities for children of all ages in Azerbaijan. Under the “Activities” section on our platform parents are able to filter, find & book workshops, activities, and masterclasses provided by the top providers in the country.

2. I am a parent and want to book an activity for my children. How can I do that?

Booking an activity on Tripsome is really simple! Create an account on Tripsome and check out activities available under the “Activities” section/menu. Choose the activity you want to book, pick a date that fits your schedule and click “Book”. After clicking the “Book” button, pay for the activity online by following the instructions on the screen. In case, you’re facing any troubles, you can reach our team at or give us a call at +994772099700.

3. How can I check the activities available on your website?

Go to the “Activities” menu/section and use the filters based on your interest or convenience. Filtering is possible by date, place, age, time, and category of the activity you want to attend. Our database will immediately show you a list of the activities that best suit your requirements.

4. How can I find information about the activity provider?

Open any activity you like and you will see the name of the activity provider under the title of the activity on top of the activity page. Click on the provider’s name and on the new page, you can check the details of the activity provider including their basic information, map location, and reviews from the previous parents who used their services.

5. Do you verify the activity providers who collaborate with you?

At Tripsome, we are committed to helping you select the best activity provider for your child's needs. To ensure this, we carefully check all data and reviews of each provider. Before placing any activity on our platform each activity provider has a one-to-one conversation with our team.

We also post activities on the site only after verification of the required certification or successful experience of holding the same or similar activities. However, to ensure more safety, we also maintain a database of their legal information.

6. How can I find what’s near me?

Go to the “Activities” menu, click on the ‘Location’ filter, and filter activities by city and district of your choice. So, this way you’ll have a list of activities that are going to happen near you.

You can also check the map and location in the description of each activity when checking information about the activity.

7. What do I do once I book the course?

Once you have selected an activity that is perfect for your child or you, be sure to review the profile of the activity provider carefully and also consider other activities listed on their profile. You may also check the rating and the reviews for this specific activity or provider in general.

 You will receive confirmation of the booked activity as soon as payment is made from your side and your tickets are always accessible from your profile.

8. Do I need to pay the activity fee in advance?

Yes, you should pay in advance for the activity you’ve chosen. All the fees for the activities are set by the activity providers and indicated in the booking details.

We are not responsible for any direct payments to the provider as this could lead to potential issues for refund when canceling any booking or other potential issues that could cause you inconvenience or sometimes trouble. So, please make sure you make any bookings through Tripsome and avoid cash or direct payments for your convenience.